Breaking News: Beloit College Mindset List Link Deleted!

Earlier this afternoon, we reported that the class of 2019 Beloit Mindset List had not been posted on Beloit College’s official Mindset List web page. There was a link to the new list on the Tom McBride and Ron Nief’s Mindset List page. The actual list is here.

However, the link to the list has now been removed from the Mindset List page! The top item is now a blog post from April 9, 2015.

What could have happened to cause Messrs. McBride and Nief to remove the list from their own web site? A change of heart? Righteous hackers? A dispute with Beloit College?

Has Beloit Mindlessness’ goal of destroying the Mindset List finally come to pass? Check here for the latest updates.

UPDATE (8 p.m. Beloit time): Now the page with the previously posted Class of 2019 Mindset List is gone. Because the Mindset List Facebook page has a reference to the list being released Tuesday, the working theory at Beloit Mindlessness headquarters is that either Mr. McBride or Mr. Nief accidentally posted the list early and then took it down. Still, it is fun to imagine more sinister possibilities.

UPDATE (1:30 a.m. Beloit time): The Mindset gurus have just put the list back up at Beloit College and their own Mindset page.

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