First Thoughts on the Class of 2019 Mindset List: Even Beloit College Is Over the Mindset List

I’m still disgruntled about the Beloit College Mindset List, but does anyone else care anymore? What was so irritating about the list was not just that it was a “a poorly written compendium of trivia, stereotypes and lazy generalizations, insulting to both students and their professors, and based on nothing more than the uninformed speculation of its authors” (to quote our blog’s purpose statement), but that journalists took it seriously. But at the introduction of the Class of 2017 list (two years ago), there seemed to be more widespread skepticism and mockery of the list (including from this blog). And last year, there seemed to be much less attention paid to the list.

It turns out even Beloit College can’t be bothered with the list anymore. As of 4 p.m. (Beloit time) on the day of its release, the Beloit College Mindset List web page hasn’t bothered to post the new list. It still features the Class of 2018 list.

To find the Class of 2019 list, you need to visit the page set up by list creators Tom McBride and Ron Nief. (If anyone knows the back story behind the college’s lack of interest in the list, please let us know.)

As for the list items themselves, they are the same mix of trivia most 18 year-olds neither know nor care about, various things that happened in 1997, and items in desperate need of editing. If I can work up enough disgruntlement and carve out some time from actual academic work, I’ll write about some of the individual items later.

UPDATE: The link on the Mindset web site has been deleted! The page with the list still exists here.

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