#27 in a Series Examining Every Item on the Beloit Mindset List

Someone has always gotten married in space. (Class of 2014, #48)

This week I’m going to examine the dozen Mindset List items related to space travel and exploration. My initial assumption about the above item, apparently about space weddings, was that it belonged to one of the largest Mindset List categories: things that happened approximately 18 years ago that most 18-year-olds don’t care about.

However, as far as I can tell, there were no space weddings circa 1992, before 1992 or after 1992. There has never been a space wedding.

In 2003 a male cosmonaut in orbit and a woman at NASA’s John Space Center in Houston were married so I guess that one person has “gotten married in space” but seven years is a short “always” even by Mindset List standards. (The first wedding in a reduced gravity aircraft took place in 2009.)

Outer space contains many mysteries and I guess this Mindset List item is just another one of them.

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